About Xenia

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Xenia is an online gift card marketplace connecting individuals with unwanted gift cards to discount shoppers looking to save on their everyday purchases.

Billions of dollars in unused gift cards go to waste each year, including as much as $50 billion in the United States alone. Nobody wants to see hard-earned money go to waste. Everyone has had the experience of receiving gift cards they did not need, only to stow it away and never use it. Xenia gives consumers the opportunity to trade their unwanted gift cards for cash. On the other hand, discount shoppers seeking to save money can obtain cheap gift cards for less than their face value, resulting in a unique conduit for savings often stacking on top of existing retailer promotions and discounts.

Looking to partner with Xenia to grow your brand?

Although predominantly a peer-to-peer marketplace, Xenia now also partners with both local and national brands to help establish and expand their gift card programs.
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For all questions, concerns, or issues with gift card orders, buying and selling gift cards, or anything else at all, please contact support@xeniagifts.com .

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