Get better rates and special offerings for selling more gift cards

Higher Profits

As a registered bulk seller, you get the exclusive opportunity to earn better rates as soon as you begin making steady gift card sales. We will provide you with the best margins available, maximizing your payouts.

Faster Payouts

Our bulk sellers get exclusive access to same-day payouts as soon as payments made for your gift card listings have been processed. When we receive the payment, you receive the payout.

Direct Deposit

Once you've been verified, bulk sellers will obtain the exclusive option to receive payouts through secure ACH direct deposit, rather than physical checks in the mail for typical gift card sellers.

Secure Deals

You can trust Xenia with your business. Transparency and integrity is at the heart of everything we do, and we take great care to ensure that each transaction is secure and each payout is received on time.

Looking to sell lots of gift cards?

The bulk seller program is for individuals who are looking to sell large quantities of gift cards on our marketplace for higher prices. At Xenia, gift cards are always in high demand, so we’re constantly looking for suppliers to keep our marketplace flowing. If you're looking to sell a big collection of gift cards, contact us and a representative will get in touch with you to design a specialized package with custom rates to maximize your profits!

How to Sell Gift Cards in Bulk

1. Upload Gift Cards

Easily upload your collection of gift cards and set your own prices

2. Manage Listings

Our easy-to-use software makes managing your cards a breeze

3. Get Paid

Receive a check directly to your pocket with zero fees

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